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Aguenus Art
The Art Of Being


Whether this is your first visit to my site, or you’re a returning visitor, I’d like to thank you for opening your heart and mind to the power of Art. I am a professional Teacher with 30 years of teaching experience and a self taught artist who has sold art and has been commissioned many times.  I am certified in Trauma Recovery, Taking Flight International. I have a Graduate Certificate in Spiritually-Informed Creative Arts, St. Stephens College. I have completed many graduate level courses in Psychotherapy, Expressive Art Therapy, Drama Therapy, Play Therapy, Art Therapy, and Grief and Loss. I have studied a number of healing modalities including Shamanism, Reiki, Cellular healing, Meditation, Vipassana and  Kriya yoga. I have been blessed with insight that allows me to help others on their own path to self discovery, empowerment and transformation. 


Please contact me for a creatively unique and powerful experience.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Angela. She provides a safe, compassionate and loving space to conduct her workshops. Her intuition is very strong and clear with messages to release stuff that is holding us back from achieving our greatness and insight to keep moving forward. The energy was electric, truly inspiring and unique.



Aguenus (Angela Hall)

So many stories and where does one begin when you can be both the fool and the sage?

Whenever I describe myself with words, I am gnawed at like a bone among lost dogs.

I have sold my soul many times to the past by measuring her out to the future.

And yet here I am trying to be something under the title biography.

We all want to feel safe when in the presence of another. The same feeling we get when are nestled in our homes.

I understand this and search through words to build a house for you.  Then perhaps you will knock on my door?
For every time I greet a stranger, it is I who is returning home.

My Journey

I can be everything and nothing,

It is standards that draws the line.

If you could hear my heart it would tell you-

I belong, I belong, I belong.

I belong to the Earth and the Sky.

I belong to the sound of silence and the song of life.

I hold that which is all and all can be emptiness. 

They say won't, don't, can't!

My heart says love, trust, just be.

It is a much higher power that has brought me here,

Even I don't understand.

I am happy just to watch,

I learn best that way.

If one should need me to use my gifts and I look the other way,

To comfort me from the voices of others,

What would my Creator say

Who has spent a great amount of time preparing me for this day. 




Hidden Treasure


When you find yourself empty and nothing to give,
Look deeper there is a treasure there.
This digging and searching may feel like a grave
And all your work only has put you under.
Take a good grasp of the shovel and hold it up.
You will see it is a sword and you are its pirate.
Sailing the dark seas of despair,
Crossing the sands of hopelessness,
Standing your ground against those that challenge you,
You are the expedition.
The map has always been your faith.
The X marks this connection.
It is when we cannot take another step or move another stone,
The winds of change blow the last layer of sand.
Untouched and unmoved our treasure waits.
Grasping our coins we hear our music,
An expression of who we are.
Hypnotized by our own abundance,
We feed the hunger,
We shelter the homeless,
We carry the helpless.
We allow what has been removed be a wishing well for others,
And our coins are tossed in with their hopes and dreams ,
Finding their way back from which they came.

Soul Art Portraits

Creativity Awaits You

As a Teacher, Visionary, Poet and Artist, I am honoured to share my gifts to help others celebrate their lives and embrace their sacredness. I offer creating unique pieces of artworks for individuals and families that supports and assists in transformation.  
With Joy & Gratitude,
Angela Hall

Grandmother Moose.jpg

Soul Art Portraits are my most sacred gift. It is a the ability to create an artwork for an individual, couple or family that is prophetic and guides the receiver on their life's journey. Through multi dimensional visions, colours and emotions, I am able to create meaningful, symbolic artwork and a written statement that always has deep meaning for the receiver. Sometimes even a poem will be expressed with the artwork.

A 20 percent deposit is needed to order a Soul Portrait. I guarantee my work. If you are not fully satisfied with the artwork, I will return your deposit, but keep the painting. 

It can take over a month to complete a soul art portrait and much time, love and effort is placed into each of my art pieces, as I would not create something for another person without my self fully loving what I have created for them. 

Approximate cost Cost

20" x 20" $850.00

24" x 24" $1050.00

30" x 30" $1750.00 

Contact me today to set up your soul portrait consultation.

Gallery & Art Commissions

Available Now



12" x 16" " Mixed Media on Canvas 

Star Kissed 1.jpg

Star Kissed

16" x 20" Mixed Media on Canvas

I love to create artwork. My art is colourful, joyful, and uplifting. I use acrylic paints and mixed mediums that gives each piece a three-dimensional experience. You can request one to be created for you (contact me), check my Facebook page to view what has just been created, view artwork for sale on or stop by Bearclaw Gallery, Edmonton to see them in person.

I Came Home

A Journey of Self Actualization

It was time for me to come home.

Although I was never waking away,

Every wandering became an illusion.

Like footsteps in the sand and the wind at my back, time is erased.

The valley became hills,

The hills became a sunset,

And I was there. 

I was there when the sand softened my fall.

I was there when my breath rose to meet the moon. 

I was there when each star filled my eyes with light.

And although the night had its darkness and its silence,

It kept me,

It held me,

For it knew me. 

And I was moved towards the dawn.

A path of red velvet light reaching out towards me.

Ribbon on ruby slippers,

I came home. 

Dear Angela, I cannot express my deepest heartfelt gratitude to share how I feel since our weekend....I feel so connected, aligned, committed to my authentic self and excited to share and learn from my drum.... I have sat with it the last couple of mornings and feel like I am finally honoring a very feminine, maternal, deep and noble part of my self..... I am understanding some patterns of self defeat gently, dismissing them, learning from them, and shifting towards healthy replacing of them with Creators thoughts, intentions and love...... oh, I feel so Blessed. Much love , Deb 

Deb, Stony Plain

Artist In Residence
Wellness Art Workshops

The Power of Art to Transform

As a professional Teacher and Artist who has studied many graduate level courses

including Art therapy, Drama Therapy, Play Therapy, Psychotherapy, Trauma Recovery, and Grief and Loss,

it is with gratitude to provide Wellness Art Workshops that support students in their health and wellness. 

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